Program Pemagangan ke Jepang | Training Programs for Foreign Trainees in Japan
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Information of Training Programs in Japan

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IMM Japan Training Programs
(Persyaratan Calon Peserta Program Pemagangan ke Jepang)

  1. STM (Technical High School) Certified Formal Education, Diploma, Bachelor of Engineering with majors: Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization, Interpreters Image and Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Engineering Shipping.
  2. Public high school diplomas or equivalent, Diploma or Bachelor of Engineering who have been following Non-job training of at least 220 hours as evidenced by a certificate of practice issued by the Training Center / Training Workshop / Training Institute Government or Private majors / fields of skills Building Department, Mechanical , Electrical Engineering, Industrial, Agricultural Mechanization, Interpreters Image and Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Engineering Shipping.
  3. Male: Age at time of registration at least 20 years and maximum 26 years at enrollment.
  4. Behave Certificate of Good (SKKB) of the Police to follow the apprenticeship program to Japan.
  5. Able-bodied to take physical tests apprenticeship program to Japan by a certificate from a doctor or health center government.
  6. Physical no: disability, tattooed or used tattoos, piercing, broken bones, deaf, hernia, skin diseases,  foot O, leg X, organ dysfunction, color blind, glasses, astigmatism, a former operations (ex-accidents, burns , appendix, because of illness), aesthetics (physical appearance).
  7. Minimum height 160 cm.
  8. Minimum weight 50 kg.
  9. At the time of registering submit include: Copy of: KTP (ID card), KK, Yellow Card (AK1), Birth Certificate / know was born.
  10. For Public high school graduates, in addition to the completeness of the below required a copy of Certificate of Training at least 220 hours of training.
    • Copy of last diploma (STTB).
    • Letter of consent of parent / guardian / wife sealed sufficiently to participate in an internship program in Japan.
    • Latest  Pas photo and colored sheet size 4x6 = 6 and 3x4 = 4 size sheet. 
    • Cover letter sealed sufficiently. 
    • The sealed  statement that are willing and able to follow the apprenticeship program in  Japan for 3 years.
  11. At the time of the interview tests are required to bring original documents such as diploma / STTB; elementary, junior high, high school, STM (Technical High School) and the S1 for the degree, training certificate, birth certificate / know yourself, KTP, KK (for those who do not live with a parent attached to the Family Card) and the form 3 with recent photos 3x4 size as much as 2 sheets.
    Able to bear the costs which include:
    • Transport, accommodation and catering for the needs of participants.
    • Cost of living when joined the physical test, interview
    • The cost of medical check ups.
    • Cost of living while training in the areas of Phase I (2 months)
    • Transportation to the phase II training site in the center (B2PLKLN Cevest Bekasi).
    • The cost of passports, airport tax, visa, and the initial allowance of at least 10 thousand yen for the purposes of the participants themselves in Japan.
  12. Willing to be repatriated to their hometown and cover the cost of transportation itself if declared not passed during the pre-departure training in B2PLKLN Cevest Bekasi, as well as during medical examinations II and if declared sick / contagious disease.
  13. Passed the test whether administrative, physical, interview and medical check ups.